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Lisbon Gay Tours, organizes and is responsible for all Tours

Private Gay Guided Tours -  Full Diplomacy and Confidence

Private Day Gay Tours

A reservation is necessary BUT is not required Any Payment In Advance, the payment must be made on the day tour in cash to the Driver/Tour Leader.
Private Tours do not include entrances and official guide services inside monuments, meals or other extras.
According to Portuguese law, official guided services inside monuments or on any other tourist attraction can only be provided by official guide and Official guides just by request and is considered an extra.
Ours Drivers / Tour Leaders are qualified to explain Portuguese history and all monuments and touristic attractions they give all information's about the places to be visited, we escorted our guest all the tour except inside the monuments.

Long Range Private Tours Cancellation Policy / Fees

Long Range Private Tours: we can book the hotels for you, that must be paid in advance and once the hotels are booked that money is not refundable.
We strongly recommend to our clients to book the hotels by internet, like that you can get better prices.
Without Hotels we request 30% in advance for confirming the tour and 30 days before the tour 70%.
Orders for all Tours may be cancelled till 30 days before arrival for a full refund ( except the hotels ) After this time, no refund is available.
No Shows on Tours or Services, starting at the Hotel, Airport, Harbor, Train etc, the total price of the reservation is not refundable.

General Information's

All tours are subject to be altered due to circumstances beyond our control.
We are open all year, but we remind you that National Monuments are closed on Public Holidays and Special Occasions Without Previous Notice.
The Tours schedules mentioned may be altered due to circumstances beyond our control.
We DO Not Provide Escort Services Of Any Kind

Insurance Policy

We have full insurance required by Portuguese Law.
We strongly recommend to our customers to be in possession of travel insurance.
In the event of an accident, all claims shall be judged in Portugal and according to the Portuguese Law.
We reserve the right to cancel any tour in the event of not satisfying all the safety measures required under Portuguese Law.
We are not responsible for any criminal activity, against our customers or our vehicles, which may result in damage or loss / property damage by, or to our customers.


Complains will only be accepted in written ( letter or e-mail ) directed to us, within the limit of 15 days after the service has been rendered. During the Tour or Service, demanding the respective documents to confirm the incident.

Prices / Confirmations

Long and Short Range Private Tours : Reservation is required for all our Long and Short Range Tours and Services, we reserve the right to require prepayment just for: Long and Short Range Tours that's included our Driver/Tour leader stay Overnight out of Lisbon Area ( 50 Km / 31 Milles ).
Prices confirmed at the time of reservation are the final.
Without a Reservation Confirmed by Us, Prices may be changed without prior notice

For Privates Persons, Prices include 6% VAT
For Travel Agencies Please ask our partners prices.

Prices Per Person / Private Tours
More than 3 Persons 10% Discount
Special offer2nd Tour We do 10% Discount

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