About Us

About Us

Welcome to Lisbon Gay Tours LGBTQ+  and  Bmytravel Travel Agency Friendly - ( Two in One ) 

Travel with us and the result will be a

Fascinating Experience and Unforgettable Memories in Portugal and the World, we make trips to any Country, Brazil, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Africa, etc.

.... BUT here, Everyone is Welcome Gay or not and even your 4-legged friend is welcome.

Lisbon Gay Tours, founded in 2001, was the First LGBTQ+ Travel and Tourism Agency in Portugal specializing in the LGBTQ+ Market, but open to all people who enjoy traveling.

We are your friend in Portugal who shows you around and advises you on places you can visit and... those to avoid and beyond, if you want to see the World ? Portugal Gay Tours turns your dreams into reality.

If you want to visit Lisbon with someone who knows what you want to see and feel, and most importantly feel comfortable on a Tour, if so ? Lisbon Gay Tours is your call.

We offer personalized Tours; we take you not only to the most touristic places but to others and we also give you information on the History of Places and Monuments and the best LGBTQ+ Places to visit.

Lisbon is also a Gay-Friendly city, and at the same time it is a City full of Gay places, but they are scattered, you alone can think, Where do I start? Throw away the tourist books and let a Local Gay Guide take you around the City or around Portugal.

Our services include Unique Trips in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, USA, Europe, Canada, Australia etc for Gays, with a Myriad of Tours.

But!... if we don't have, what do you want?  We will be happy to customize a program especially for you, with your goals and our knowledge and experience.

We invite you to celebrate your trip with us, with unforgettable moments and an experience to remember.

Try us and speak to one of our Staff

Whatever country you want to visit, Portugal Gay Tours is what you're looking for

We are not perfect, nor do we intend to be, because for us, perfection is debatable, But we do our best in everything we do.

We hope to see you soon

Travel with us and the result will be a
Fascinating Experience and Unforgettable Memories

We DO NOT Provide Sexual Services of Any Kind

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Apartado 2, EC Sintra - 2711-901 Sintra

  +351 924 437 347