Lisbon Wine Tasting and Gay Beach 19 Full Day Tour

Visit  All  the  Places  Above  Mentioned  At  Your  Own  Pace

Pick-up – 9 am – Duration +- 8 hours

Beach 19 - 3h to 4 hours ( or more ) at the Beach

Beach 19, very known in the World as one of the most Important Gay Beach's in Europe, beautiful and quite large with the Dunes were are often used for Private Moments ( for sure you will understand ).

Gay Beach 19 is almost Exclusive Gay and attract guys of all ages, but mostly young people.

The best way to get to Beach 19 is of course by car, we have to across the 25th April Bridge, and them... start getting ready for your Gay Beach Day
Bridge 25th of April

The Bridge 25th of April is situated on the Mouth of the Tejo River linking Almada to the City of Lisbon, it was planed in the beginning of  60´s and opened to traffic in  August, 6th,   1966, the Bridge has a total length of 2278 Meters between the  bulks of knotting in the edges north and south and they  central tray that have 1013 Meters,  still to today it has the longest beam of continuous rigidity, and the Foundation of its South Tower is the Deepest in the Whole World (82 m).
Wines and Cheese Tasting

Wines and Cheese Tasting In the Cellars of José Maria da Fonseca Visit to the   Tiles of S. Simão The Cellars of Jose Maria da Fonseca, established in 1834 in the Village  of Azeitão, is the oldest producer of Table Wines and Moscatel of Setúbal, remaining until today in the ownership of its descendants. António Porto Soares Franco, representative of the fifth generation of the family and a certified oenologist in Montpellier, is the mentor  of two Rosé Wines that represent two great trade marks produced by Jose Maria da Fonseca:  Faisca and Lancers.  José Maria da Fonseca withholds, at the end of this century, 37,5 Square Miles of Vineyard, of which  31,2  Square Miles in Peninsula of Setubal, and the remaining in Alentejo. The Azeitão Cheese is produced from sheep milk in some areas of the region of Setubal, mainly in Palmela, Sesimbra and Azeitão, it is sold  20 days after draying, normally wrapped in vegetable paper, the crust is fine and soft of a  yellow-straw color.
Sº. Simão Tiles

Visit : The Azulejo Industry Began in Portugal in the 16th. Century and quickly gained popularity in arquitecture, the tiles being used to cover large surfaces.  As the industry grew and styles changed both in color and design, new decorative uses were found individual artisan quality preserved. We then, from a Small Cottage Industry, have taken up the challenge to continue the work of our ancestors, by receiving an art witch has inspire the Portuguese since the 16th Century. The technique we use is adapted from the original method, All Work Is Done By Hand Requiring Time, care and endless dedication, yet, all efforts are largely rewarded by appearance of the finished craft.

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Know is assimilate a set of goods whose possession quenches our minds and makes us more understanding with the World and with the human being.
That is our goal, provide contact with these goods.
We have no doubt, know Portugal is an endless source of cultural enrichment.
It's like drinking clear water from the Origins.

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