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             5 Blue Shields

      They symbolize the Five Moorish Kings defeated by D. Afonso Henriques in the battle of Ourique of July 25th  1139.

            5  Small Blue Shields

      The points in the corners represent the Five Wounds of Christ.
It is said that the Battle of Ourique, Jesus Christ crucified appeared to D. Afonso Henriques, and said:
" With this sign you will conquer "
Counting the wounds and sores from duplicating the edge of the medium makes the sum of 30, representing the 30 silver pieces Judas received for betraying Christ.

            7 Castles

      Symbolize the fortified cities D. Afonso Henriques conquered from the Moors.

            Armillary Sphere

      Represents the world that Portuguese Navigators Discovered in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and the people with whom they exchanged ideas and trade.


      It symbolizes Hope.


      It symbolizes the Courage and Blood of the Portuguese Killed in Combat.

The flag of Portugal is officially called the National Flag.
There are also other names by which known:

Flag of Quinas
Red-green Flag

            Authors of the Republican Flag:

Columbano Bordallo Pinheiro
Joao Chagas
Abel Botelho