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Create Your Tailor Portugal Tour Itinerary

If you do not discover any of the tours on this website suitable for your interests

you can build your own itinerary by sending us your program via e-mail.

And you can request the Places anywhere in Portugal that are not even mentioned.






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Create Your  Tailored  Portugal   Gay Tour

From North to South

From East to West

Anywhere in Iberian Peninsula ( Portugal and Spain )


We Drive    and    You Have Fan


Car : 1 to 4 Persons


Van : 5 to 8 Persons



In Portugal


From  9:00 Am

Till      5:00 Pm

€ 180

€ 400

The Service Includes

120 Km ( 75 Miles )

Each Extra Hour

€ 30

€ 45

Each Km Extra

€ 1.50

Driver / Guide Meal

€ 25

Driver/Guide Accommodation

When have to stay Out of Lisbon

€ 90

From  7:00 Pm

Till       8:00 Am

( Night Service )

20 % Increase


In Spain


From  9:00 Am

Till      5:00 Pm

€ 230

€ 460

Driver/Guide Accommodation

€ 120

Driver's Meal

€ 30

Each Extra Hour

€ 40

€ 55

Each Km Extra

€ 1.50

From 7:00 Pm

Till       8:00 Am

( Night Service )

25 % Increase



This Service Includes : Car, Gasoline and Driver / Guide



Is Not Included :   Motorway Tariffs and Car Parking




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......     Book   Full Day   and   GET     ...    10  %  Discount   ......

 Some Will  Try  and  Persuade You  for  a  Overloaded  Tour  Bus,  And  Not  On  Your  AmbientItinerary  With  Limited  Time  For  the  Visits       ......     With Us    ......       Is  a  Car  Just  For  You,  and  a  Discrete  Gay  Driver / Guide,  and We  Strive  To  Ensure  That You  Spend  Enough  Time  In  Each Location To  Appreciate,  And  Remember  The  Experience.

Know …   is  assimilate  a  set  of  goods  whose  possession  quenches  our  minds and 
makes  us  more  understanding  with  the  World  and  with  the  human  being.
That  is  our  goal,  provide  contact  with  these  goods.
We  have  no  doubt,  know Portugal  is  an  endless  source  of  cultural  enrichment.
It's  like  drinking  clear  water  from  the  Origins.

Lisbon  Gay  Tours  is  What  You  Are  Looking  For

We  Look  Forward  To  Hearing  From  You

We  Share  Emotions  and  Feelings  for  a  Lifetime

Legal Info
Pick-up and Drop-off at your Hotel or a Place you Choose
A Guided Tour just for you, your Group
Price includes: Non Smoker Air-conditioned Cars or Vans ( no Logos on the Vehicles )
Tours & Sightseeing Tours in Portugal and Spain
Our Gay Driver/Tour Leader Speak - English / Spanish / Portuguese
Monuments Fees and Meals not included.

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