Lisbon Walking Night Gay Tour

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Lisbon Special Gay Tours By Night with a Gay Guide
Lisbon - Walk in Downtown City
Bairro Alto - Visit - Dining & Nightlife
Princepe Real

Visit  All  the  Places  Above  Mentioned  At  Your  Own  Pace lisboa noite 1 330 lisboa noite 330      

The fun begins when you meet your tour/leader and get introduced to the City over a Complimentary Drink, your nightlife starts and from this point onwards the night is yours, so get ready to night gay away.

The highlights of the evening are,  visit to Bairro Alto and after the Gay Bars at Princepe Real, is just a walking distance.

This Tour Start at 6 Pm and Finish at 00:30 Am, is a Walking Tour for show the Lisbon Gay Life.

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        Lisbon City Of Seven Hills, White City, Origin of Navigators and Explorers of the Seven Seas, Diamond Incrusted at the Bank of a River.
Tracks of human occupation were found in Lisbon, from 5.000 to 10.000 Thousand Years BC.  
Lisbon was the Capital of the Kingdom in 1255. Between the 18th and the 19th century, it made itself sure of being the main commercial emporium between the Mediterranean and the North of the Europe. In the 13th century, emerged the first Portuguese University, in one of its districts.  
      In 15th century, the Portuguese left, from Lisbon, to Discover New Places. Lisbon is, still today, an open city to the known and the stranger world.  
The 17th and 18th centuries were marked by a continuous effort of reconstruction of Lisbon. The most important campaign of workmanships in the city occurred immediately after the Earthquake, November the 1th  1755, it destroyed 10,000 buildings and killed more than 15,000 people. Out of the Ruins it Was Projected the First Illuminist City of the World, Lisbon.  

            Lisbon - Walk in Downtown City


            Gay Sauna   ( Optional ) Trombeta Bath sauna gay 330
The Main Benefits of Sauna
      Lessening the tension in your muscles,  therapy can help you overcome a amount of stress-related health issues, including insomnia, fatigue, etc…etc…
      Massage also reduces rigidity in your muscles, which could help to continuo to Visit and enjoyed your visit to Portugal, Lisbon.

            Dinner at Bairro Alto ( Restaurant Cantinho das Gáveas ) Recomended cantinho das gaveas 330

            Bairro Alto

             Bairro Alto is one of the oldest districts in Lisbon. Dozens of fado singing clubs animate the area.
Since the 1990s, Bairro Alto went through major changes. Lisbon's city council made extensive repairs, and dozens of new restaurants, clubs and trendy shops were opened. Many young people moved into the area cars were banned.
Today, Bairro Alto  is the heart of Lisbon's youth culture and nightlife. Lisbon's punk, gay, heavy metal music, goth, hip hop and reggae scenes all have the Bairro as their home, due to the number of clubs and bars dedicated to each of them.

            Princepe Real

            Where all the Gay Bars and Discos/Clubs are situated

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Tour : Lisbon Walking By Night and Gay Life

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