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Travel Questions


Our goal is to offer the best Gay Tourism services at the Best Price.


Q : When we arrive at Lisbon Airport, or at Lisbon port, will Lisbon Gay Tours be waiting for us ?

Yes. Our team will be there to welcome you and take you to your hotel, or go straight to a tour.


Q : I’m not gay, but I’m interested in traveling with you guys, is that possible?

Of course … Lisbon Gay Tours specializes in tourism for people, if you are not Gay you still are a person, gay or not, it doesn’t matter, we are all Gay in the company, but outside nobody has to know what that we are.


Q : What happens if the flight is delayed? Is the Transfer waiting for me ?

We will wait for you without a doubt.


Q: Do Tours include guides who speak other languages?

Yes, our drivers/guides speak at least English, Spanish and Portuguese, for other languages ​​a guide must be hired and will be paid separately.


Q : How can I contact Lisbon Gay Tours ?

Use our E-mail, info@lisbongaytours.com Or our contact form and we will respond within 24 hours, if not? Please send an email to SOS email (lisbongaytours@gmail.com).


Q : How can I pay ?

You can pay our driver / guide


Q : Can I use my credit card to pay for my trips ?

Sorry, no, we only accept: bank transfers or cash.


Q : Can I request a personalized program, choosing the services I want plus some suggested hotels?

Yes you can, it’s your vacation and it should be perfect for your pleasure.


Q : Do I want a hotel in Lisbon or the outskirts of Lisbon ?

Just ask us we recommend 4 hotels minimum.


Q : If I choose a Tour throughout Portugal, will Lisbon Gay Tours do it?

Yes, we also offer optional packages to travel throughout Portugal and Spain.


Q: I still have some questions.

Please don’t hesitate to ask.



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Someone Might Try To Convince You To Go On A Full Bus, Not Your Environment, And A Limited Time Itinerary For Visitors …  With Us …… A Car Just For You, A Driver/Tour Leader Just For You,  and We Strive To Ensure You Spend Enough Time In Each Location To Enjoy, And Remember The Experience.

Knowing is to assimilate a set of goods whose possession fills our spirits
and it makes us more understanding, with the world and with man.
This is our objective, to provide contact with these goods.
We have no doubt that getting to know Portugal is an inexhaustible source of cultural enrichment.
It’s like drinking crystal clear water, nas Origins.

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